Bible Studies

Welcome to WBC Bible Studies page! The Berean Fellowship was built upon a solid biblical foundation and has always placed special emphasis on the authority of Scripture, the supremacy of Jesus Christ, and the importance of advancing the gospel through personal relationships and regular teaching and study of God's word. We offer several Bible Studies throughout the Week as well as Adult Sunday School classes before worship services Sunday morning. You can fill out the form below or contact the church office for more information 530-938-2860.

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Adult Sunday SchoolBible studies before church.

We offer a regular Adult Bible studies class every Sunday Morning before worship service begins. Classes run from 9:00AM to 10:00AM Sunday mornings. Following the class we have our Cafe Berea before service begins.

WBC Bus Ministry.

Mid-Week Bible StudiesBible studies througout week.

At Weed Berean Church we have mid-week Bible studies hapening here at the church as well as in-home Bible studies. Bible studies could include topical studies or studies through various books of the Bible.