Women's Ministry

Women's ministry is a place where women can engage with God while uplifting and encouraging one another in their faith, families and in life. Women's ministries provide women with an opportunity to study God's word, serve others, and give and receive biblically sound support from one another and the church as a whole. Women's ministry helps women to focus on Bible studies, support groups, and events for women. In addition it provides an atmosphere where women can talk and pray with one another. Women's ministry intentionally draws women to God and to each other.

Awana Children's Ministry.

HELPING WOMEN GROWEquipping women for ministry.

Many women either do not know their individual gifts or do not know how to use them in the body of Christ. Women's ministry help women to come together, learn from one another and grow together in the know of Jesus, who He is and what He means to them and their lives.

Awana Children's Ministry.

FRIENDSHIP AND MENTORINGHelping women to mentor one another.

Every women, from the teen years through every decade has questions about family, personal growth and welcomes mentorship. Women's ministry provies a place where women can gather and give a chance for relationships across generations and experiences to form.